Slovak receiver prototype and open cooperation

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Slovak receiver prototype and open cooperation

Писане  ALCYONE on Вто Юли 23, 2013 11:08 pm

Our slovak and czech team is working on prototype of plasma receiver as well as others do.
Current status can be seen in the following document which has its construction description, photos and many questions do be answered as well:

Slovak Receiver

The project is close to be ready for experimentation.
Our construction is not done by computer driven tools but it is "hand made" because first we want to experiment and gain experiences with receiver principles and possibilities.
After this learning period, we can invest more resources (and money) to prepare more advanced and precise constructions using hitec tools and rapid prototyping facilities.

Anyway my opinion is that we should cooperate more closely and openly together. I do not want to continue in current corrupted system way of doing thinks so that only small part has profit from work of others, competition is daily business instead of kind cooperation, individuals want to win instead of helping others, ...
Developers and thinkers and supporters should talk together to share views, opinions, guidance, resources etc.

Some developers share their outcomes which is good.
Geert was well open in his latest interview on, thank You.

I think we should better coordinate our efforts so that we do not need to reinvent things and processes and waste our time, but instead of it we can reuse and enhance them.
Mr. Keshe, Your open guidance is quite important to us, because of Your experience and knowledge.
I know we do not know every detail needed yet, even Mr. Keshe does not, but we can move forward easier while sharing and cooperating and using reason together with intuition and spiritual guidance.

I hope our part of cooperation helps to encourage and gather us on the good and beneficial way :-)
Marek Ištvánek (Ishtvanek)

I try to serve God as much as possible so that radiation of His Light spreads harmonically among us.
I love my family, nature and other beings.
I am trying to merge spirituality with clean math, physics and technologies.
I have studied at christian high school and physics at Charles University at Prague.
Now I am working as electron microscopy software developer, but my desire is to work with new energy technologies helping humanity.



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