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Holons, Singularity and Topology

Holons are wholes composed of hierarchic parts. The holon has a "self-assertiveness tendency" (wholeness) as well as an "integrative tendency"(part) .This duality is similar to the particle/wave duality of light. (Koestler, 1967). It's a interesting theory but how is that physically or energetically possible? In this movie a engineering concept is given how a single non-breakable membrane can create such holons, which are multi-layered topological spaces. This happens with a penetration process, called a pelastration. Holons are then sub-sets (entanglements, knotting) of the total membrane, and each type will have its unique structure and frequencies. They are like bells with a clapper and a cup. In topological holons a part of the neutral dynamic energy of the membrane is converted - locally - in specific "retarded" energy, which is structured in two parts ( which make a union of two parts but will act as a unity.

We Are All Connected! What IS REAL Entanglement?

We Are All Connected! What IS REAL Entanglement? In this video Dirk Laureyssens shows in a very visual way how a non-breakable spherical 2D-surface can create 3D-structures by a simple penetration. The most simple 3D-structures have three entangled/knotted layers that make a topological UNION. But this UNION acts and is observed as a UNIT. The concept of "unbrokenness" is not know or is never used in cosmology, however it's essential. So two parts of a flat 2D-surface can created 3D-Frames of Reference (Einstein), or simply said: structured SPACE. I call these 3D-structures: topological HOLONS. These are like multi-layered boxes, or topological bells, with a covering double cup and an inner clapper. But these boxes are still part of the membrane because they are just enfolded membrane. Since the general membrane vibrates also the layers in a holon will vibrate, and will provoke local kinetic effects, local stress and specific frequencies in the holon. Each holon will have it's own frequency, composed by all it's inside sub-frequencies. That makes each holon unique. The basic idea is that the membrane is a singularity, and since a SINGULARITY CANNOT DESTROY ITSELF the holons must be manifested SUBSETS of the total system. Therefor between all objects and beings (which are all more or less complex holons) and the background membrane is a structural ELASTIC interconnectivity, where the membrane is the mediator of vibrations. This new holistic vision is in the line of geometrical thinking of Riemann, Clifford and Einstein, but now - for the first time - explains the fundamental coupling mechanism that provokes the quantum entanglement, and explains that GRAVITY is just an inherent tension property of the Membrane, and is NOT a separate force. This approach is mathematically fully correct.


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